Mike & Thai
We are professional Photographers from Brisbane.

MiThai is an incorporation of two passionate Brisbane photographers Mike and Thai. Thai approached Mike with a great idea, to combine their skills to create MiThai.

They are true believers in providing quality photography and concepts and have tried to apply this to all their work. With this they can guarantee to always make it as stress free, fun and professional as possible. They are always looking forward to working with you to achieve the best captured memories of your special event.

More about Mike and Thai

Since the age of 20 Mike has had a keen interest in photography starting this interest in the film era. He has always owned a camera but family and a career in electronics meant he let his hobby fade into the background for many years. With the introduction of digital cameras he renewed his passion for taking great photographs mostly of landscape, architecture and real estate.

He has been a business owner for the last 25 years and is passionate about providing the best service possible with customer satisfaction being the main concern. Happy customers will always return and give the best advertising through word of mouth.


Thai first picked up a camera at the age of 19. He instantly fell in love with taking photos and soon became very proficient at taking quality event and portraits photos which are his passion.

Thai has experience in all kinds of photography but predominately does events, photo booths and portraiture. It was the QUT Guild who noticed his passion and work for photography that prompted them to ask him to join their team. From there he honed he skills in this genre of photography.

Thai has abundant amounts of energy and is life of the party. He is very outgoing and loves nothing more than to interact with the people he is photographing. He is always guaranteed to bring out the best in your guest to capture the fun of the moment.

Thai is always professional in his approach to clients in providing the best experience he can deliver to make your event the most stress free and memorable.